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Anime tidy


The traffic cones come in anime: green men and pink women hold these railings.


Even the constructions sites are tidy.

photo 3 (44)

Anime maps for the confused.

photo 2 (45)

Flower shaped pretzel cookies.


For those unfamiliar with western toilets, signs offer instruction ever so politely.


Happy Surfing Okinawa

I like to bring interesting people together, provide some activity, let them know where the bathrooms are and then I step back to see what happens.  I did this here.  Willy loves surfing but had not quite gotten around to finding out where to go or how to get a board.  I, in my ever so subtle manner, decided we were going surfing on Saturday, I made some phone calls and then woke everyone up and told them we were leaving in an hour.  We got to Happy Surfing Okinawa a couple of hours before high tide.  Danny was a professional surfer and now runs a surf shop here in Okinawa.  He speaks fluent Japanese, married a Japanese woman, has a couple of kids and would rather be on a wave than anywhere else.  He and Willy talked waves, boards and conditions for hours.  We went back the next day to snorkel with Danny.  Now Willy needs to decide exactly what color resins he wants on the custom long board he has decided to order from Danny.

The kids left for the airport about an hour ago.  We are all flying out today but their flights are at noon and mine is not until 9 pm.  Willy is going to Seoul, Cameron to Buenos Aires and me, Pogradec.

So now I am just sad.  We have had a wonderful, hilarious, joyful two weeks together.  Cameron and I arrived within 24 hours of each other.  We spent three nights with Willy on base and then we left for three.  Cameron and I went up to the Air Force retreat center, Okuma, where we hiked, rode bikes and ate American food.  We came back to Hansen (where Willy is) for Christmas and birthday.  Then after surfing on Saturday, Cameron and I went to Foster, the Marine Corps base in the south.  She and I toured Shuri Castle and the lime stone caves, ate more American food and watch Harry Potter.  We came back here to Hansen last night for one final night of sushi, shopping, sorting,  and packing.

And now they are gone.