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Getting to “done”

The classroom is not quite done but I stopped waiting and started having GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) club and some yoga stuff.

The room should have been fully operational three weeks ago.  The municipality engineer decided that the wall sized mirror should be more securely braced (I agreed with her)  So she brought in the municipality carpenter to make a frame.  The guy who arrives is missing one finger and a few knuckles on other fingers.  I am not optimistic.

He promises to come back the next day to install a frame.  A week later we track him down and he arrives with a frame that is much too small.  We also ask him to install a couple of white board.  I insist he bring a level to do the installation.  He returns days later with a proper frame but no level to hang the boards.  He installs the mirror frame but does not completely insert screws and leaves wood stain all over the mirror.

So the room is functional but the mirror is messy with screws sticking out and the whiteboards aren’t exactly level.  I have withheld final payment for materials but no one seems too concerned that I haven not paid.  Oh and only two of the three lights actually work.

The girls don’t care.  They are having great fun.

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Drying socks

Laundry day now involves the wood stove.  I don’t chop wood but I do manage the drying process with lots of wood I have stored away for winter.

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Tomato bounty

Washington state does not get hot enough to produce really good tomatoes.  I used to have my kids import tomatoes when they came back from visiting Gramma.  Albania was plenty hot and the tomatoes are glorious.  I cut up a few add a pinch of salt and call it a salad.

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My green croc bottom center

My green croc bottom center

Sign from God

I have often lamenting God’s failure to provide just one little neon sign telling me what to do.   Lo and behold!!!   Here it is, one green neon sign attached to a public lamppost no less, frantically blinking


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